The Spinal Corrector - The ultimate self-help tool for simple but very effectiveDorn Method corrections.


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are provided by the COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES MIDLANDS, based in Glen Parva. 


Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

What we do

We provide physical therapy sessions, instruct, teach and work together towards your better health and wellbeing:

Relaxation (methods)

Mindfulness and Meditation*

Meditation Applications

Dao Yin  / Qigong

(energy and breath work for health and martial arts)

Digital Postural Analysis & Bodywork** 


Functional Strength Training (Conditioning For Martial Arts)

Acupressure for general health

Joint corrections based on 'Dorn Method' - our specialisation

includes children and animals***

How we work and how we can help

My name is Peter and I am the in-house manual therapist. I have over twenty five years experience of various manual therapies.  I do not tend to see human beings and their health as a collection of allopathic departments - I do not separate physical and psychological - my life experience backed by ancient holistic traditions of the East clearly confirm to us that it is impossible to treat the physical aspect without affecting the psyche and vice versa. Treating the heart and / or mind will affect physical realms of our being. 

Whenever someone approaches me I always seek to understand who they are, how they are and where they are in their life to get to know my clients deeper. This allows me to better understand what troubles them, what they really want and how they may be helped.  Wherever I can  I do my best to empower my clients to take the health back into their hands and teach them how to help themselves in the future.

I do not think the physical bodily systems can be functionally completely separated from the psyche. The whole being is complex and I believe it should always be seen as one.  Psychology, Postural Work and some form of Mindfulness are integral parts of my work with most my clients.  

I have accumulated a lot of experience through scientifically managed training and controlled case management practice.  Many complementary and alternative therapies are viewed as part science and part art, however I have decided not to define or categorise my methods or limit these to pure evidence based science.  

My personal experience has taught me that the true understanding is found through compassion.

What to expect?

Joint corrections based on 'Dorn Method'

If you are coming with a musculoskeletal condition whether you have a massage therapy or a Dorn Method session or other ..., it is a legal requirement to do a health screening. After you filled the appropriate form I would rule out possible contraindications and do a hands on and a visual assessment to determine what kind of therapy may be suitable for you and identify possible hidden contraindications.

When gentle joint corrections are appropriate, Dorn Method clients will first receive Breuss Massage, a gentle treatment performed directly on the spine to relax the body and mind and promote healing. This also helps with pre or post assessment of possible spinal misalignments.  unless you have to drive home Breuss massage can be done after the treatment too, and it is ok to snooze off for a bit ;o)

Dorn Method itself starts with a leg length check which is done in a reclined position on a massage table, majority of the joint corrections are done standing or sitting, female clients are asked to wear a dressing gown backwards or  a loose top or an old shirt to remain covered during the spinal corrections. If you forget to bring your favourite dressing gown, we can supply one here.

During other therapy sessions the appointment may comprise a variety of methods such as reflex therapy for musculoskeletal conditions, neuro-lymphatic points work, positional release and other soft therapies. 

If you prefer bodywork while fully clothed, please enquire about acupressure and thai yoga style massage treatment which do not require you to undress.

Four legged friends 

If you are a current Dorn Method client you can enjoy one free Dorn consultation for one of your four-legged friends. 

We treat almost all vertebrates which allow spinal corrections, specialising on cats and dogs !

Acupressure for general health

This is performed mainly in a seated position; and can be done over a thin layer of clothing. It is a very good treatment for boosting and rebalancing internal energy.  

Functional Strength Training and Conditioning

Conditioning is based on building internal energy through qigong. Both external and internal elixir are introduced and taijiqiu qigong practice to circulate built up energy. Appropriate forms of internal and external warm down are introduced. The pre-requisite as usual is a willingness to learn and ability to practise regularly at home. 


Depending on your current state of health, conditions, long term challenges and your specific goals and needs you may be provided with:

  • Relaxation Massage,
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sports Specific Massage
  • Medical massage
  • Fascial Readjustment and Myofascial Balancing 
  • Thai Yoga bodywork

Often the first or the second stage of any holistic body work. All soft tissues including fascia are treated and the choice of treatment depends on the nature of the physical challenge or client's goal.

Relaxation and sports specific massage utilise a range of methods including acupressure, trigger point release, positional release, neuro-lymphatic work, soft techniques, deep tissue bodywork, gentle relaxation massage.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

A very popular but very little understood treatment. Being aware of the specifics, challenges and limitations of the vigorous traditional Thai massage as you might have experienced it on your holidays in Thailand, while I was going through my massage training I gradually started adapting several procedures and positions to the needs and limitations of my clients.

This new approach has been over the years enjoyed by a variety of western clients from sports people to musician, interpreters or martial artists - my Thai yoga bodywork is a Thai style massage derived from traditional Thai massage. It is always done on a special thick Thai massage matt placed on the floor. It consists of Thai style acupressure and various massage applications through clothes some of which may resemble yoga like stretches; its principles are a blend of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

It may include positioning and lengthening of muscle groups similar to passive stretches and is performed in a slow, relaxing and sometimes rhythmic way. It may have very energising as well as deep relaxing effects. The treatment may take two to three hours including a thorough assessment of suitability of the treatment and individual postures. The main advantage of the treatments is a deep bodywork over the clothes and effects of the treatment may be similar to whole body stretching and acupressure.

Just to clarify - the treatment often popular with rugby players and other serious athletes such as bodybuilders which often causes a lot of pain is unlikely a Thai massage or a traditional Thai massage. If you believe you are in need of a pain or if you are convinced that a good treatment has to hurt before it makes you better you may be searching for a completely different treatment centre. Many people are regularly mislead into having treatments in various centres and spas which essentially go over a number of trigger points that are most painful and cause a lot of pain during the treatment and sometimes post therapy. 

Digital Postural Analysis & Bodywork** 

Photographs of a client's posture are digitally analysed using a medical posture monitoring software to evidence pathological conditions, and analyse bad habits and deficiencies as a result of improper use of the body or injuries. An individualised programme is devised to help the client to improve awareness, correct proprioception and restore the correct postural alignment in a natural way. 

A variety of methods and tools are use including but not limited to Auxiliary / Compensation Exercise, Sensori-motor and neuromuscular programming, dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation, Pose Method (applied to walking, fast walking and running), and several Alexander technique derrived methods. 

Please note that Digital Postural Analysis & Bodywork** does not involve Alexander technique as the main tool and is not limited by it.

Dao Yin^  / Qigong

Breath, breathing patterns and methods, working with internal energy to treat common ailments, all aspects of qigong for health and martial arts. Foundations introduced as a mandatory training followed by individual plan depending on client's needs and wishes.

^  Dao Yin - original term for working with breath and internal energy - using a posture, movement, meditation, intention and relaxation for psycho-physiological self-regulation. Its origin probably goes beyond ancient China and is unknown. It literally translates as 'guiding directing' as in guiding and directing Qi, the internal energy. The chi kung / qi gong is a relatively recent term coined in the 20th century creating an umbrella name for working with Qi,  most forms of Dao Yin. 

Unless you are an experienced practitioner, the qigong one-to-one normally consists of these foundational steps:

  • re-discovering and increasing awareness - mind, body, internal energy
  • letting go, dissolving practice towards deeper relaxation
  • breath work - regulating breath, basic circulations
  • standing practice 
  • tree qigong
  • nei dan foundations
  • wai dan foundations
  • exploration...... this phase is a lot about testing client's suitability for particular types of qigong reflecting on client's health conditions, constitution, lifestyle, goals and individual possibilities including time and space limitations 

Mindfulness Meditation*, Meditation Applications

Explore the mainstream mindfulness practice as well as some deeper forms of meditation. I can introduce you to the practice of mindfulness in the Traditional 8-10 week format or devise an individual plan. I can also offer you a completely individual tuition in various forms of meditation according to your needs. Please enquire

Bio-feedback analysis & solutions, mindfulness meditation and HRV (heart rate variability) monitoring and analysis* :

Discover the 'magic' of The vagus nerve communications. Get in the zone. Measure the effects of meditation.

Improve your resilience, learn how to manage stress and unwind and cultivate restful awareness and relax during the day.

Monitor your progress by scientific monitoring and analysing your HRV and coherence achieved during meditative activities or sports. Utilising Hearthmath monitors to measure and analyse HRV as a key indicator of coherence of the heart and brain.  Heartmath monitors available at discounted rates. Enquire on

Relaxation (methods) 

The art of letting go in practice. Imagination to relax into your being. Apply relaxation to your everyday life or your favourite activity. Discover the methods that can help you achieve deep relaxation.  Some breathing and relaxation methods based on Taoist traditions of letting go, dissolving tension and deeply relaxing mind and body. Water methodof dissolving.

ALL AVAILABLE IN LEICESTERSHIRE every day except Sundays and Mondays 


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Terms and Conditions

Contributions and donations

COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES MIDLANDS works on not for profit basis. We are not a charity and all proceeds go towards promotion of String Of Pearls Tai Chi, Taijiquan and Qi Gong and self-help therapies. This may also include covering necessary costs and expenses during the visits of our Taiwanese Master Teachers and necessary maintenance of the equipment used by COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES MIDLANDS or String Of Pearls Tai Chi. 

Recommended contributions: First consultation - £55, a follow-up £50. 

Please note there is a  mandatory twenty percent extra charge for any weekend appointments, any home visits and the same mandatory twenty percent extra charge applies for all appointments before 9:30 am and after 5:30 pm appointments; Travel expenses are calculated as follows: Mileage for any home visits at 45p a mile.

Please be aware that the weekend appointments are usually very limited. 

To book an appointment or to enquire about any therapies


Cancelations of therapy appointments 

I accept there are circumstances when you may not be able to keep your appointment. 

If you have booked an appointment or you have a planned check-up booked, I always recommend that you commit to the date and time agreed. Missed check-ups can have significant effect on your recovery, the healing process, long term case management and also your learning in case of prescribed self-help exercises.

Cancellation on the day £48,

24 hour cancellation notice £36,

24 - 6 day cancellation notice £21, 1 week cancellation notice £13,

Advance Cancellations 8 days and more - Free. 

Cancelations of one-to-one lessons (Qigong, Taiji, Kneading Hands etc.)

By confirming your appointment, you agree to pay 50% of the expected balance due in the event of cancellation on your part (for any reason) with at least 48 hours advance notice. For 48 hours notice or less, we ask that you pay 100% of the expected fee. 

We really do not like charging for a one-to-one lesson that has not gone ahead.

Peter's tuition time is limited which is why we feel we must enforce this policy and we cannot accommodate all requests. A waiting list is in place and if you give us least 48 hours notice, we can usually accommodate your appointment. 

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Additional Terms and Conditions


The purpose of this webpage is to provide you with information about treatments offered in-house by Complementary Therapies Midlands in association with String of Pearls Tai Chi, the campaigns they support and the activities they undertake. Every care has been taken in the preparation of this website. However, as certain technical matters may be beyond our control, uninterrupted access to the webpage at all times cannot be guaranteed.

No Medical Advice

All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician, psychotherapist or other healthcare professional. If you have any physical or other symptoms, or any emotional, mental (psychological or psychiatric) or medical condition, please consult your healthcare provider regarding the suitability of practices or information in this website.

You should always contact your healthcare provider before starting any new health programme.

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One-to-one / Private training opportunities

For any one-to-one tuition (Tai Chi or Qi Gong or meditation, etc.)

please email

We accept cash, or bank transfers for private training with Peter. Please request the bank details in advance.

Cancelations of one-to-one lessons

By confirming your appointment, you agree to pay 50% of the expected balance due in the event of cancellation on your part (for any reason) with at least 48 hours advance notice. For 48 hours notice or less, we ask that you pay 100% of the expected fee.

We really do not like charging for a lesson that has not gone ahead. Peter's tuition time is limited which is why we feel we must enforce this policy and we cannot accommodate all requests. A waiting list is in place and if you give us least 48 hours notice, we can usually accommodate your appointment. 

When the inner being is at ease, the body is healthy. 
Ancient Chinese proverb


* Many different types of meditation are taught. Foundational steps may incorporate Mindfulness Meditation and progressive steps lead to exploration of Daoist Meditation and Daoist Water Method.

Scientific monitoring is available and is carried out by accurate monitoring of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) during Mindfulness or Meditation practice. We use 'emWave Heartmath' monitor to monitor patterns of changes of client's heart rate during our practice. 

**Assessing Static posture via PSM, HIPPA compliant, PostureCo, Inc. Digital photographs are scientifically analysed to provide information about postural deficiencies.

*** Independent Advanced Dorn Therapist;  safe non-manipulative joint corrections for babies, children and young people, and four-legged friends (pets-vertebrates - Please enquire about bringing your dog or cat on the day of your Dorn Method appointment) 

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The person who popularised the method was Dieter Dorn, a saw mill worker. He injured his back when he lifted a heavy object when he was young. He heard about an old farmer, a village 'therapist', who could help relieve various ailments. He visited the old farmer who treated his back by applying a gentle pressure of his thumb in the area of his spine and a few simple moves, and Dieter walked off pain free. Dieter Dorn eventually learnt the method from the old farmer. As the old farmer not long after this died, Dieter Dorn had to recreate the method himself and one of his first patients was his wife, who suffered from headaches. He treated her with the same technique and her headaches vanished just like his back pain. Mr. Dorn has since been visited by a number of locals as well as therapists from afar, including physio therapists and orthopaedic surgeons, one of which helped him to analyse the method and describe the system scientifically. Gerda Flemming then assisted Dieter Dorn in writing a comprehensive manual (in German; if you are interested to learn more about the principles and applications of the Dorn Method it may be worth waiting for my book to come out..... ) Dieter Dorn has taught a number of laymen as well as health care professionals and Dorn Method is now practised all around the world. It has gradually become one of the first treatments of choice for spinal and joint treatment in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland but also in Australia, and other countries..

Dorn Method is not exactly a bone-setting method as it does not manipulate bones - it is a safe and gentle system of correcting ALL the main moveable and semi-moveable joints in a natural way. It is a form of physical therapy rather than a school of thought and has already been scientifically described and explained by a few health care professional and physical therapists. It can be done and taught to most people (excl. some contraindications) and also done for babies, children and four-legged friends therapeutically.  

There are absolutely NO manipulations or sudden, painful or cracking, forced movements involved such as violent twists of head etc. Because it is a safe, natural and gentle therapy it can be performed by an appropriately trained and experienced manual therapist who may not be a health care professional. 

Dorn Method does NOT require a patient to stay still or relaxed in awkward positions and it is a pain free therapy. The corrections do not cause pain and can help relieve pain sometimes already during and after the very first session. There may be a temporary discomfort when pressing through layers of soft tissues without any lasting ill-effects.

The Dorn Method is usually accompanied by Breuss Massage (Rudolf Breuss - Austrian naturopath), which was originally developed for deep relaxation of cancer patients. Breuss Massage is a relaxing massage which also allows the Dorn therapist to do a pre-assessment of the spine. This I tend to do before the treatment, sometimes before and after the treatment.

Dorn Method has a holistic approach and a unique 'self-help' system which is an integral part of the method and provides lasting results without the need of frequent and expensive repeated treatments. The self help exercises require client's active approach and a certain ownership of their problem - If you are prescribed the self help exercises, follow your therapist's instructions and do them regularly as they are necessary to provide lasting results after the therapeutic corrections have been performed.  The self-help regimen is designed to maintain the re-aligned joints and to encourage the correct alignments of the joints where adverse effects of bad habits might cause recurring misalignments.

Dorn Method is an active therapy that requires the patient to do a simple movement during the corrections (the re-alignement cannot occur without the movement) and it expects the client to take responsibility for their conditions and do the prescribed self-help daily. The very simple self-help exercises are performed by the client twice a day, which does not tend to take more than a couple of minutes.

Each new client is seen at least three to five times over a period of about one month or two so the therapist can gain a deeper and holistic understanding of the problems and recurring patterns of misalignments. This also provides sufficient time for the client to learn the simple self-help exercises and gain fundamental understanding of the principles of the Dorn corrections. In some cases, longer time periods between appointments can interfere with the long term management of the conditions and irregular application of the self-help exercises may sometimes result in reversal of the corrections. It is therefore important to understand that the full course of treatment consists of the appointments (therapeutic corrections) as well as the regular self-help exercises (active self-corrections done by the client at home). 

It is a gentle yet effective therapy not only for back pain, sciatica, neck ache, whiplash and peripheral nerves and joints. It is also well known that there are connections between misaligned joints, vertebrae, acu-points and particular physical and psychological health conditions. This has been introduced to the West in recent years mainly via the Traditional Chinese Medicine. When the misaligned joint or a vertebra is corrected often the health problem often disappears.  

The Dorn Method is so safe and gentle that, unlike some other treatments and methods, the joints can be corrected without any risk of serious side effects. 

Neither the therapeutic corrections nor the self-corrections (self-help you do at home) cause any pain. If you experience pain during the recovery phase it is unlikely due to the previous treatments.  

Furthermore, there are no risks of brain damage or release of [calcium] deposits into the blood stream as no sudden dynamic movements or any violent manipulations are ever used in this kind if treatment. 

The method is applied in motion and thus is part-controlled by the patients themselves. No excessive force or twisting or cracking movements are used and no dynamic forceful manipulations utilised. 

In most cases the method does not rely on patients extensive mobility or their ability to relax as most of the corrections are allowed to happen by fixating the problem area while the patient moves the rest of the body casually with the therapist's guidance.    

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